Sunday, 8 December 2013

Small things that make me happy.

You know what makes me happy?

Being welcomed wholeheartedly into a group, even though you're totally different from the others.
Being called someone's "wifey" for the first time.
Doing something scary: starting fresh.
Sleeping in new sheets.
Listening to someone's heart beat.
Hearing the voice of someone you've missed.
Hearing the words "I love you".
Painting your nails with Hello Kitty patterns even though you're 25 years old.
Receiving a post card.
Good dreams (that sometimes come true)
Having a tiny pug greeting you with a looooooong stretch in the morning.

Sliding across the floor in your favourite wool socks (made by grandma).
Good morning kisses.
A person's sleepy voice.
People that just get you.
Having a long chat with someone you love.
Hearing someone say they're proud of you.
Seeing a person's face light up when they see you.
Hearing someone sing when they think no one is listening.
Planning Christmas presents.
Watching someone open a gift you know they'll love.

I love my audience. This one sat still for three hours, listening to me playing and singing. She's a keeper. (Sorry for the poor quality, my iPhone could be better at taking pics)
Dancing like nobody's watching.
Seeing a movie with a great soundtrack.
When you talk to an old friend and it's like nothing has changed.
When someone shows you just how much they care.
The smell of Mum's perfume.
Reading a good book for the nth time.
Surprise visits.
When you stop and realize how perfect the moment is.
Leaving someone post-it notes saying "I like you."
Unexpected hugs.
When someone remembers details about you.

Wearing something silly for no special reason.

When someone tells you they like your laugh.
Baking gingerbread men.
Handmade gifts.
Cleaning your house for no special reason.
Goodnight texts.
A smile from across the room.
Heart-to-heart talks with someone surprising.
Long weekends at the villa with a group of special people.

...Just off the top of my head.


  1. hey, Ulrika. long time no see! I miss you over at my blog :(
    anyway, I can see Nuppu is as cute as always (or cuter?! ;) and do give her a nice hug from me. oh and I really enjoyed reading your post because many things in your list make me happy too :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Love this post- so much great inspiration to start the new year off right!

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest lovey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. lovely dog!! he is more than cute ! love your thought on Small things that make me happy , they are very inspirational!! thank you !!


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