Friday, 24 May 2013

Summer hair.

Hi sweeties,

I've been trying to find a new photographer, since K and I broke up in January.
Well, I won't look any further - I think I've found him! He's sweet and freckled - just my type of guy ;)

How do you like these pics?

Oh yeah, I went blonde.
It wasn't my intention, to be honest - I was going for pastel pink hair, but unfortunately my extensions didn't get here in time. So I've spent the better half of May as a blonde. It's not bad, to be honest. ;)

My holidays start in a few days. Next Thursday, actually. 
...Not that I'm counting.



  1. Voi kun oot niin nättimys, ja hienoja kuvia, mä ainakin hyväksyn uuden kuvaajan ;) ♥

    1. Kiitos murunen! <3

      Mä tykkään tästä kuvaajasta myös. Toivottavasti nyt tulee postauksia pikkaisen useammin kuin ennen, hihi.


  2. wow, you're back! that's cool ;) and blonde is good, I sure know that since I've been one pretty much my whole life.
    I like the photos. black & white theme adds something extra to them. oh and how is Nuppu doing? :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Blondius sopii sinulle. Kauniilta näytät, kuten aina :) Onnittelut uudesta kuvaajasta! Voi kun itse saisi sen ensimmäisenkin (ei sillä ettei miestä olisi, häntä vain ei oikein valokuvaushommat kiinnosta:)

    Indie by heart

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  5. Enjoy these, thank you. I am fond of mens leather jackets because I liked the way it looked. It fits beautifully, looks very nice, and is very supple and comfortable to wear, makes me look more stylish.

  6. very inspirational... i love the hair but also the look from eyes ...:P great pics!

  7. Really stylish photos!!!



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