Sunday, 8 December 2013

Small things that make me happy.

You know what makes me happy?

Being welcomed wholeheartedly into a group, even though you're totally different from the others.
Being called someone's "wifey" for the first time.
Doing something scary: starting fresh.
Sleeping in new sheets.
Listening to someone's heart beat.
Hearing the voice of someone you've missed.
Hearing the words "I love you".
Painting your nails with Hello Kitty patterns even though you're 25 years old.
Receiving a post card.
Good dreams (that sometimes come true)
Having a tiny pug greeting you with a looooooong stretch in the morning.

Sliding across the floor in your favourite wool socks (made by grandma).
Good morning kisses.
A person's sleepy voice.
People that just get you.
Having a long chat with someone you love.
Hearing someone say they're proud of you.
Seeing a person's face light up when they see you.
Hearing someone sing when they think no one is listening.
Planning Christmas presents.
Watching someone open a gift you know they'll love.

I love my audience. This one sat still for three hours, listening to me playing and singing. She's a keeper. (Sorry for the poor quality, my iPhone could be better at taking pics)
Dancing like nobody's watching.
Seeing a movie with a great soundtrack.
When you talk to an old friend and it's like nothing has changed.
When someone shows you just how much they care.
The smell of Mum's perfume.
Reading a good book for the nth time.
Surprise visits.
When you stop and realize how perfect the moment is.
Leaving someone post-it notes saying "I like you."
Unexpected hugs.
When someone remembers details about you.

Wearing something silly for no special reason.

When someone tells you they like your laugh.
Baking gingerbread men.
Handmade gifts.
Cleaning your house for no special reason.
Goodnight texts.
A smile from across the room.
Heart-to-heart talks with someone surprising.
Long weekends at the villa with a group of special people.

...Just off the top of my head.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Interior design inspirations: bathroom ideas

Hello, sweethearts.

I was shopping online for a b-day present for a friend of mine, when I suddenly came across Urban Outfitters' Apartment category. 

I'm in the process of selling my house (yes, dears, I'm selling my dream house) and now that I have to move, I'm already planning the interior design of my new home. I haven't bought any new furniture or accessories yet, since I have no idea what my new flat/detached will be like, and I'm not really sure what to keep from my old house. But in all in all, I know I'm about to design a whole new home. Here are some interior design items that I really love and will probably purchase as soon as I've bought a new house or flat.

I really love simple colours when it comes to rugs. My heart skip a beat when I saw the one on bottom left, a beige and grey rug with a symmetrical pattern is something I'd really go for.

Now, imagine that wire shelf (top left) filled with soft, fluffy towels and pretty jewelry boxes, make up bags and maybe a hairbrush or two. In my mind it would be perfect. The shelf is a bit big for a small flat though, so I'll probably end up buying something similar (and less expensive) from goodwill or a recycling center.

My house has a glass shower wall, so I've never really had to buy a shower curtain. My next house or flat will definitely have a bath tub and a place to hang a shower curtain! Here are a few of my personal favourites. I adore the bird cages, matryoshkas and the elephant curtain as well.

You guys probably think I'm silly when I'm planning my new home already, but this is definitely a life-changing moment for me and I want to keep things positive. Planning is something that I absolutely love, especially when it comes to interior design... I'm still thinking about studying it. Well, maybe some day.

Oh, and I didn't find a b-day present for my friend, I ended up shopping for all kinds of cute things for myself. Birthday fail :D

Picture source: Urban Outfitters

Peace and love (and greetings from Utah),

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Converse travel journal: Scandinavia

Hi sweeties.

Want to see what I did this summer?

I'll show you. Welcome to my Converse travel journal.

24 days, 2 bikes, 1 car, loads of takeaway coffee and broad smiles.

Here's where it all began. Me and my friend A took a little trip. We packed the car with our bikes, a few pairs of Converse shoes, a tent and took the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm. The first picture is from day 2, when we were just arriving in Stockholm, admiring the beautiful views of the archipelago.

Day 2, still in Stockholm. After biking around in the old town (and I got my tragus pierced, sorry Mum!) we went to Gröna Lund, the amusement park in Stockholm. This picture was taken just before riding the eclipse in heavy rainfall. It rained so hard that it actually hurt my face :D I can't even remember the last time I've been soaked quite like that.

... I won't show you all my pics, since I've got quite a lot of them, but after a day in Stockholm we headed for Oslo (Norway)...

Day 3, Oslo. I knew that I really wanted a tattoo. I've wanted it for years. I posted this picture on facebook, captioned "There's something funny happening in Oslo..." and my Daddy "liked" the pic. Cool, Dad.
// I'll show you my tattoo in my next post, by the way.

Day 4, still in Oslo. The Oslo Opera house was amazing. My motto for this year is "do stuff you've never done before". Chilling on the roof of the Oslo Opera house, check!

 Oh yeah, and I filmed a little gif there too. :)

No caption needed. I'm happier than ever.

 Day 4, Oslo. This little gif is filmed inside the Nobel peace center.

Day 4, Oslo. Holmenkollen. Just to show Dad.

Day 5, Oslo. Having picnic in the city, accompanied by a seven-piece orchestra. No complaints here.

Somewhere in Central Norway. The views were amazing, I wanted to stop every five minutes to take pictures.. But as I said earlier, I really don't want to post every single pic here, so you won't get bored.

... There's about ten days worth of pictures here, pics that I won't show you today. (Don't you just hate it when bloggers do this?! :D)We travelled around Norway, across the center of the country, south to Rosendal and Preikestolen.

That's me in my pastel peach Converse, up at Preikestolen. It was a three-hour climb (90 minutes each way, although I thought that the descent was a lot worse than climbing). I felt crazy happy.

Another 1000 miles later, after crossing the Polar Circle, we we're finally in our destination, Lofoten. I didn't photograph there at all, which is kinda weird. I guess I just wanted to experience fully the whole thing.

Day 16, over two weeks on the road. This picture was taken at a rock festival. It's always pouring whenever In Flames is playing. Well, guess who's wet again...

... Wet, yet happy. No caption needed.

I hope you're all doing well. I just had the best summer ever.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Summer hair.

Hi sweeties,

I've been trying to find a new photographer, since K and I broke up in January.
Well, I won't look any further - I think I've found him! He's sweet and freckled - just my type of guy ;)

How do you like these pics?

Oh yeah, I went blonde.
It wasn't my intention, to be honest - I was going for pastel pink hair, but unfortunately my extensions didn't get here in time. So I've spent the better half of May as a blonde. It's not bad, to be honest. ;)

My holidays start in a few days. Next Thursday, actually. 
...Not that I'm counting.


Monday, 4 March 2013

Pretty pictures of March.

Hi pretty ladies,

I wanted to share my moodboard of the week with you guys.

Never let your past experiences harm your future. Your past can't be altered and your future doesn't deserve the punishment.

I need a vacation. Badly.


 Picture source

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hi beauties.

I've been away for a long time, and I'll explain why shortly.

I was emotionally and physically drained for almost two months, because my whole world was changing. On a normal Wednesday night after work, K told me that he was miserable and really disliked being with me.  I won't go into any details, but I'll tell you that I tried to fight for us, but in my honest opinion I think he gave up.

We broke up 11 days ago, after dating for seven years.

These 11 days have been the best time of my life. I haven't spent one evening by myself, since my friends and family are very supportive and have shown me exactly why I love them the way I do. My favourite girlfriends took me out last Friday. I've never been single in a bar before (since I was 17 when I met K), before last week, that is... I was literally alone for 30 seconds, before I found myself surrounded by random guys. Not exactly what I wanted from a girls' night out, but it sure made me feel a hell of a lot better about myself.

What surprised me was that I actually like being single. My face hurts from constantly smiling for 6 days. I'm genuinely happy. I'm motivated more than ever to work, to get out of the house and to dream about my future. 

2013 means a lot of happy moments for me. I'm planning a trip to see my family in London and a three-week vacation in Thailand and Australia in August. Ah, I just can't wait.

I'll store my happy moments in a mason jar. I got this tip from a friend who suggested that I write down some precious moments, things that make me smile, happy thoughts and positive things on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar. I'll go through the notes in December and look back on the happiest times of my year - some of the moments and happy thoughts will probably surprise me. So far I've written down things about my friends and family, last weekend (oh. my. God.) and work. I really want to remember all the things and people that have made me smile this year. You people should definitely do this, too.

Store your happy moments in a mason jar to look back on them later.

Being single means that K won't be shooting my outfit posts anymore, so unless I find a new (and hopefully handsome) photographer, my outfit posts are on a break. I'll post more about interior design (and my house, which I am NOT selling, by the way), inspirational photography, yada-yada. I blog a lot more often on Lil'Fit, since training and coaching is my day job and writing about health comes really easy to me. I'm also on Instagram, uploading pictures of my baby pug Nuppu and fitness stuff almost daily.

When someone walks out of your life, let them. There's no use in wasting your time on people that leave you. What you make of yourself and your future is no longer tied to them. Yeah, you may miss them, but remember that you weren't the one to give up. I have absolutely no regrets.

I won't bore you any further with my personal stuff, I just wanted to let you know that I'm ok. 

Hope you're well, you'll hear from me again soon.

Ulrika & Nuppu

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Interior design inspirations

Sunday afternoon.

Planning and prepping my meals for next week, baking a batch of protein cupcakes and browsing interior design articles on Design*Sponge.


These pictures stood out to me today.
Hallways, studies and bedrooms.
Guess what I'm working on at home....

Now, as you look at these pictures, keep in mind that I don't want everything in these pictures. I love the details - the brick wall, the turquoise door, the branch lamp (love!!!) and the desk with just a sheet of glass. Look at the colour combinatons, textures and lighting.

*Imagine my mind being blown*

Hope you're having a great weekend, sweeties.
I certainly am.